LID List


The Lid List is a collection of words and phrases often used by operators not trained in efficient

directed net operation. Don’t make these words a part of your operating vocabulary. This list will be updated as needed to include the latest cool procedures.

1. One for the count Stations checking in to a directed training or traffic net are there to participate not to contribute to a total.

2. Recheck Simply announce your callsign and the proword OVER to get NECOS’s attention. You only check in to a net once. You cannot recheck in to a net.

3. Ten-four, Roger that Codes, jargon and slang are unprofessional and are not used in

emergency communications.

4. Copy that This may sound ‘cool’ on television or on the CB but not in a directed net. The trained operator simply replies, “Roger” when they have received an error-free message.

5. Back to Net The net control station is ALWAYS in control and does not need instructions from net participants. End your transmission with the proword OVER or OUT.

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