Club Repeaters

The Anoka County Radio Club hosts a wide-area 2-meter repeater on 146.670 MHz.  It has an input CTCSS/PL tone of 114.8 Hz. The input frequency is 146.070.  It transmits off of the Blaine water tower on Paul Parkway with an ERP of about 350 watts.  The antenna is about 180 feet above the ground. 

We have a number of receive sites, and are working on more!

Blaine Receive Site:  The antenna is about 180 feet above the ground. 
Fridley Receive Site:  The antenna is about 100 feet above the ground.
Centerville Receive Site:  The antenna is about 170 feet above the ground.
Portable Field Link Site:  On Standby

Note:  Any statuses listed are not real-time and may not reflect the current status of the repeater(s).


Having trouble getting in to the repeater?

* Can you hear the repeater? Make sure frequency is 146.670. 

* Does the frequency change to 146.070 when you hit PTT? If not, then the offset is not set to Minus. If another frequency comes up instead, then your offset is not correct (should be 600Khz, negative / minus offset)

* Does your radio have a "T" or "CT" on the screen when you transmit? If NOT, then your radio might have the tone selected but transmission of the tone not enabled. Check the manual for your radio regarding turning on CTCSS for transmit. Often two settings need to be configured to properly enable tone (one to select the tone, one to enable).

Still having trouble? Contact N0TJN via Email from QRZ or bring your radio to a club meeting for help.

Click here to  to the Anoka County Radio Club's Repeater Fund.

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