Looking for that new mode to try in HF?

This was passed to me from AL AAE0AL. I am always trying digital mode and I thank him for passing to me and to the club. 

What is the mode? FreeDV where DV is Digital Voice. No manufactures standards and open for all to us. Turns out there is a QSO party coming up with this announcement. 


 "The aim is to encourage as many Radio Amateurs as possible to learn about FreeDV and encourage as many FreeDV signals to be on the air as possible to help spread the word about this new mode.

If you can use WSJT-X for FT8 or any other digital modes software then, with the addition of Headphones and a microphone on your PC, you can switch to digital voice transmission in an instant! Its that easy! So why not give it a try? This is a great way to experiment with something new from the comfort of your own armchair. All it takes is a little bit of time to download, install and setup the software – nothing more!"

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