Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

06-01-2016, What kind of antenna are you planning on putting up this summer


Callsign Name QTH Answer
KØSMR Shawn   He's gotta get tower up first, then antennas follow.  Yagi?    Verticals?
KB1UOG Annette Blaine Is a “good helper” – spotting, pulling cords, etc.
N2PSR Matthew Blaine Is experienced “shooting” antennas into the wild, blue yonder using a   slingshot/fishing reel contraption.    But he's gotta remove a tree.
KE0BRZ Dale Andover Has lots of cool ideas for antennas.
KEØFNO Luke Ramsey Luke is thinking about a dipole to cover 10-160 meters.
KCØTWB Perry Fridley Perry's   gonna fix his Off-Center Fed Dipole.
WØXOF Mark Ham Lake Mark's   been busy.  He and KD0VJO installed a   G5RV using a slingshot.
WØKX Barb Blaine 80 meter antenna to use with her FT-DX3000
KDØKZJ Mark Roseville One for   the count and says “Hello”.



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