Clay Bartholow's (W0LED) Question for the Net

08-17-2016, What Ham Project do you need to get done before fall

This weekend we might break 70 degrees so fall is coming up. Last May we discussed HAM related projects you wanted to do this summer. What is left to do on your list?

Call Name QTH           Answer
KB1UOG Annette Blaine Get a brass key for CW and learn CW
 N2PSR  Matt  Blaine  No projects. Wants to get a new radio but that means $. Needs to clean the shack.
 W0XOF  Mark  Ham Lake  Replace and shorten antenna leads. Wants to try out a HHT when flying with KD0VJU and see how far he can be and get into repeaters at 2000'.
KDØVJU Nick North Mpls. Organize the shack, some clutter control. Air Mobile w/W0XOF
KD0KZJ Mark Roseville Waiting for fall to put  up wire antenna and raise his other two.
AE0AL AL   Working on organizing his QSL Cards, Awards, etc.
KE0ABN Dallas Fridley Get 2 Meter antenna up plus his son's so they can talk with each other simplex at 14 miles.

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