Field Day 2014 Results

The 2014 Field Day Results (Still being finalized):

340 QSO Points
550 Bonus Points
890 Total Points

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A huge thank you to all who helped with Field Day this year, and those that have contributed time, money, and/or their property to make the event possible.

A special thanks to:

  • Bob and Wanda for providing free use of the site and equipment.
  • Club members for setting up, tearing down, contributing food, connectors, cables, radios, equipment, or anything else we used to make this event work!

QSO Points we earned:  162 Total                            QSO Band Graph (Click to enlarge):

  • 156 Phone contacts
  • 3 CW contacts
  • Some band statistics: 

were 80-meters
were 40-meters
were 20-meters
were 15-meters


Bonus Points we earned:  ___ Total                        QSO Section Map (Click to enlarge):

  • Emergency Power (Generator)
  • Media Publicity
  • Public info table
  • Alternate power (Solar)
  • Educational activity (Mesh Networking)
  • GOTA bonus
  • GOTA coach bonus
  • Web Submission


Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!   This event would not have been possible or successful with all of your help. Special thanks to those who helped plan the event and those who helped finance the needed expenses.


Tim Neu KC0LQL

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