Urgent Need this weekend for operators with communications at the North West International Rowing Association

I am forwarding this plan of action to you if hope that you will have some interest in helping us man these operating positions this Friday and Saturday. The weather forecast looks good, all the preparation is under control, we just need more operators to ease the burden of time at the event for each of us.

As you will see reading down, we need to cover four positions in 2 hour shifts for 12 hours each day; equals 48 people. We have less than half that now, so this is really a last call for assistance, like emergency mode! The Saturday night banquet is the reward and well worth the extra trip out as needed, hosted by the Lake Elmo Inn.

If there is any way that you can find the time to plan radio in this Ragatta coverage, let Ed know asap so the schedule can be updated.

Good evening,

This is going out to the list of 17 operators that have expressed
interest in helping with communications at the North West International
Rowing Association 2017 Regatta, held on Lake Elmo and from the Lake
Elmo Regional Park on Friday, August 11 and Saturday August 12.
Communications needs start at 7:00 AM each day, and are expected to end
by 7:00 PM each day (Friday might run longer than Saturday, from prior
experience). I would like to schedule two-hour shifts. You are welcome
to request more than one shift per day. For the hard-core types, you can
even do back-to-back shifts. The on-shore positions can have a temporary
back-up, if you need a break. The on-water positions are harder to fill
on a temporary basis.


Positions are:
- Start boat - communications as to the class, number of boats, etc,
along with any other logistics items from the regatta.

 - Finish boat - finishing order and times, along with logistics items.

 - Control Commission - the "net control" located in my RV. This is a 

position that is better handled in longer shifts to maintain continuity
through the day. This might be handled by KC0IJB with an assistant.

 - Race Results - receives the data from the Finish boat.

 For those working the 11:00-13:00 shift, lunches will be provided. Water 

is usually available through the day. Please make sure you have what you
feel you might need to feel comfortable.

 A banquet is available to all operators on Saturday after the event is 

complete. If your shift is earlier in the day, you would either need to
stay for the day or return near the expected finish time (better known
on Saturday).

 The event goes rain or shine. I'm not sure what type of weather might 

cause a hold on the races. Please remember sun screen - lotion, clothes
and hats, etc. Don't forget your eyes.

 Access to the site is via boat from 2543 Lake Elmo Avenue North, Lake 

Elmo MN 55042. There is some parking on the side of Lake Elmo Ave, but
make sure you pull fully off the road, and then some, if you can. Watch
for any parking signs. We are also allowed to park in the front yard,
closest to fence. Please remember that other operators will be sharing
these*****es, so park neatly and compactly. There is a dock at the
water, with a stairway for access. The owner was hoping to upgrade the
stairs before the event, but I haven't heard if that has been done. You
can either call me at 952-261-7547, or call net control via radio
(147.57 primary, 146.58 backup) when you arrive and need a ride to the
site. Please give yourself a bit of time, as the transport boats need to
be scheduled around the races and the race course. Personal Flotation
Devices will be provided. If you want to drive into the park, know that
there is a daily access fee per vehicle, and parking is going to be
limited. The large grass fields that have been used in the past are now
being restored to an oak savanna.

 Radios will be at each station, but feel free to bring your own HT and 

gear if you prefer. Finish boat to Race Results will also have a 1.2 GHz
data connection to provide computer to computer data transmission.

 With all that, please ask any questions you have.

 If you know what your availability and preferences are, please let me know:

- When you would be able to work each day - available times.
- When you would prefer to work each day - times and number of shifts.
- If you plan to attend the banquet.
- Your mobile phone number, if you might be calling me for a boat ride.
I tend to only answer numbers that I recognize.


Tnx & 73,
Ed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WB0VHF 952-261-7547

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